Trump Inauguration Delayed!

Trump Inauguration Delayed!

Contrary to global reports, the inauguration of ‘Trump, the fitting up of America’ will only take place on the 28th January, when he will take his rightful position in Jane Daniels window, 2 Birdwood Crescent, Parnell, New Zealand.

Designed by well known NZ designer Jane Daniels, Trump, the fitting up of America’ is one of the 38 roosters taking centre stage in Parnell for Chinese New Year.

“Inspired by the recent US Presidential election, the title is a play on words. The jacket worn by the rooster is in the early fitting stage, suggesting there was maybe something not quite right yet, or, amiss: “a fit up” with the US election”.. says Jane.
“The election process made riveting television. I followed it with first laughter, then derision, then dismay and finally horror at the realisation that this misogynist candidate with a fake university could indeed become the President elect. The rooster is an ideal way to portray Trump. It struts around, making seemingly random pecking movements and changes its directions abruptly and often” she continued.

Trump’s appearance: the fake tan the indescribable hair are well characterised. The globe is unconsciously dragged behind, chained as if prisoner to “Trump the Rooster’s” random whims and the rooster stands on a golden mound, to signify Trump’s love of it. The jacket was fully hand-made by a bespoke tailor. Every effort was made to highlight the narcissistic nature of this particular rooster to complete the parody.

Come and see our 38 flamboyant and striking rooster art pieces which will be on show from 28 Jan – 12 Feb in various galleries and select retailers in Parnell before being auctioned for the Starship Foundation on the 16 February.

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