Stick your neck out and take a walk in Parnell

Stick your neck out and take a walk in Parnell

We all know that roosters like to be the centre of attention and 38 of them are preened and showing off in Parnell. In the spirit of a healthy city, we have created a walking exhibition. If you’re looking for what’s on in Auckland this weekend, all you need to do is grab a map and be part of this walking show – or chicken run if you like.

A great starting point is Dawson & Co on The Strand, where Component’s The Don confidently awaits you, together with the Rooster of Orakei by Simon Payton, inspired by the colony of live poultry who dodge the traffic in Orakei every morning.
Next door at Palazzo Kitchens, Kathryn Carter’s Da Ji Da Li perfectly complements the gleaming kitchen surfaces, Cock-a-Hoop stands boastfully at the entrance of Sleep Gallery and the inspiration of King Hsuan’s Rooster at Matisse will lure you in with his Taoist tales and Taotie mask,

Take a left after Matisse into the little park, and up the Augustus Steps, along Augustus Terrace and into Parnell Road.

Just to inspire the trip up the hill, the window of Suit Source is next up – retired All Black Tony Woodcock’s Sprigs Techicolour is a serious sport, side by side with Dan Tippett & Jake Walls ready-to-party-rooster-with-Hip-Hop-boom-box-and-Adidas-sports-shoes.

Next door its all bling with 2 beautiful flamboyant specimens in Trendzseater. 400 Swarowski Crystals on Louis Bretana’s iconic Ang Sarimanok and all manner of glass, sequins, beads and fragments of mirror in the Lucky Rooster by Leda Daniels.

If you want to start bidding now – you can – you could get lucky! You’ll need to walk a block or so before the concentrated display starts – so a good coffee may be in order.

Don’t miss Mossgreen-Webb’s on the way up, a short way off Parnell Road – where the rainbow roosters reside. Debbie Oetgen’s Patrick is such a show off with his feet in glowing resin and Digging for Gold by Erika Husselmann is unashamedly flaunting his silky rainbow dream coat adorned with patterns in gold and drop crystals.

Nestling in the diamonds at Sutcliffe Jewellers is Morning Star by Weilun Ha, named after the intricate star-like features on its body, while Alfresco sports Mikey by Erika Pearce, a sea loving rooster with a yacht on his chest.

Just a bit further up is Allan Xia’s Dreams of a Red Dawn in River and Fire Coq D’or aptly ensconced in his farm coop in Hattitude. Down the laneway, commanding his own space is Laken Whitecliffe’s Crow, Colour Movement rendition and next door in Elephant House sits Marango, blending Chinese and New Zealand culture with a painted Tui.
Roo will have you brushing up on your Spring Festival symbols as he fluffs his feathers in Ferrachi, while Tom Barter’s deconstructed Inner Beauty in Orsini contrasts wonderfully with the classical Donatello in Graeme Thomson.

Black Door is a diversity showcase to behold with the gleaming Spartacus reminiscent of the ancient connections between China and Greece via the Silk Road, right next to Erin Simpsons Tame HeiHei with his flashy feathery comb and Maori tattoos.

Parnell Gallery artists Christian Nicolson and Dalene Meiring contrast the discipline of the immaculately painted town crier, a rooster that announces the break of dawn, with a more relaxed expression of Bee with his specially knitted coat – asking us all to be what we want to be.

A steampunk inspired rooster with majestic plumage sits atop the world’s finest stationery, quality Italian wrapping papers and calendars at Passion for Paper, as if Mei Ling Lee made him just for that spot.

Roosters can be a challenge sometimes. There are apparently rules for keeping more than one rooster in a coop because of their competitive nature.
With artists such as Elizabeth Rees, Nicky Foreman, Zena Elliott and Anah Dunsheath, these are serious contenders in the bidding process, so watch their flirtation in seeking your attention in the window of Jonathan Grant Galleries.

Chickenlips is one of those roosters who wants a run all to himself, not only to show off his Kardashian like rose adornment, but also his extensive HeartSpeak wardrobe, and my, what a social media slut with all his celebrity status.

Real celebrity Leila Alexander took time out from her opera singing to create Ko Zi, a detailed dedication in buttons for you to quietly appreciate in Linden Leaves, Quentin stares out boldly from the crumpled up quilt he emerged from before setting up shop in the window of Amber Whitecliffe and the classical Leonard, completely covered in gold leaf by Adele McNutt, reigns supreme in the bejewelled Hartfield window.

It’s probably time for another break before heading up the balance of the hill, but Trump – The fitting up of America, will soon have you seeing the humour (or lack of it) in the window of Jane Daniels while contemplating the impact of this parody.

Roostamorphosis sits quietly in Siena, almost like a brass weather-cock waiting for the wind, then you can daydream of a past golden era of luxury, travel and style as Louis Le Coq sports his famous Louis Vuitton monograms in Baran De Bordeaux.

One last stretch to see Anna Stichbury’s King Cock, perfectly placed in King Living where he can rule the roost and then theres’ tres-elegant Roger at Cavit & Co, who sure thinks he’s the head of the pecking order dressed in his quietly confident Greer Clayton colour palette.

Were sure you’ll agree now that you’ve walked the show, there are no backyard chickens in this run, the only problem is which to choose.
You can always spend some time deliberating over lunch or late online where you can make a silent bid.

Exhibition dates – 28th Jan – 12th Feb
Cultural Performances – 4th Feb, 11am-2pm
Auction – 16th Feb, 5.30pm for 6.30pm


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