Parnell – Your favourite Space to be

Parnell – Your favourite Space to be

As part of the initial awareness of the new brand identity – Parnell The Space to Be, we ran a competition asking you to tell us which is your favourite ‘space’ in Parnell. Over and above the hundreds of mentions about certain stores and hospitality outlets, many respondents mentioned the several beautiful ‘spaces’ in Parnell we are so lucky to have.

Here are some of the things you told us.

“My favourite space in Parnell is Hulme Court, our beautiful historic building. Every day I am proud to come and work here as it’s been sitting pride of place in Parnell since 1843”.

“The cobble stone area by the statue of Les Harvey”.

“I love the La Cigale weekend markets- a transient space that is different every time you visit and is shaped by the people around you. Such a lovely culture that transports you far from the city”.

“The walkway and stairs over the Parnell baths – with the view to Rangitoto”.

“The space I love best is the whole “street” between Mink and Pandoro at the top of the hill. I love walking the strip most days and just love the vibrancy and changing shop fronts and cafe scene each time”.

“Heard Park – lovely green space to take a break from the office with a muffin and a coffee.”

“The number of great homeware stores is amazing and it’s my favourite place to go when I’m decorating!”

“Habitat Courtyard”

“The rose gardens for a late afternoon walk, where all you can hear is the birds”.

“My favourite space in Parnell is at the bottom of Awatea Road at the end of the path by the water where an abandoned, run down shack is. I love to walk there on hot sunny days”.

“The beautiful garden courtyard behind 46 & York. The serene space and heavenly flowers bliss me away while I sip my coffee”.

“The Parnell library for it’s location and ambience”.

And of course “Too many to choose from – I love Parnell!”

You have confirmed that Parnell certainly gives you a freedom of movement and expression, to be who you like to be, to wander and explore a world of superior design stores, fabulous restaurants, fine art, and quirky shops which offer that certain something you just can’t find anywhere else.

From picture-postcard streets to successful commercial and warehouse districts – from the museum to the sea, we have it all – a cool, fun, passionate, stylish, creative place in the midst of a fantastic city – happy in our own skin, with nothing to prove and everything to gain!

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