Parks & Recreation

Parnell has a diversity of parkland ranging from the expansive Domain to inner city urban spaces such as Heard Park, as well as small green connected spaces linking the village to the residential areas.

Alberon Reserve

With access from Alberon Street, Alberon place, Stratford Street and St Georges Bay Road, Alberon reserve is one of the best places in Auckland to see palms. This city park, located in Parnell, began as the property of the Cozens family. Planting of palms began at the site as long ago as 1907 by Charles Cozens before the Council forced the Cozens’ to sell the 2 acre property. The family home was demolished and the Council had plans for various things on the site over the years, none of which eventuated and finally the area was put aside for a park.

The Palm and Cycad Society of New Zealand has undertaken more palm plantings in the past 25 years, and now the park is home to maturing specimens of Archontophoenix, Butia, Caryota, Chamaedorea, Dypsis, Hedyscepe, Howea, Jubaea, Livistona, Parajubaea, Phoenix, Rhopalostylis, Sabal, Syagrus, Trachycarpus and Washingtonia.

Alberon Park is also one of the Auckland City Councils dog exercise areas.

Address: Between St Georges Bay Road and Alberon Street

Auckland Domain

Auckland Domain

Also known as The Domain, Auckland Domain is the city’s oldest park. It is spacious and diverse.

The Wintergardens are a feature of the Domain with the Auckland War Memorial Museum sitting at the highest point. There are formal gardens, duck ponds, large green open spaces edged by mature trees, bush walks and statuary.

The 75ha park has been developed around the cone of an extinct volcano. The ‘tuff rings’ created by volcanic activity thousands of years ago can be seen in the land contours and forms a natural amphitheatre with about 10 hectares developed as first-class sports fields.

The Formal Gardens evolved from an 1860s Auckland Acclimatisation Society site to test and propagate exotic trees, birds, and trout.

The Duck Ponds are the source, in 1866, of Auckland’s first piped water supply.

The nearby kiosk made its debut at the Great Industrial Exhibition of 1913-1914 as ‘the ideal New Zealand house’.

The 1912 band rotunda, and the statuary, inform of the Domain’s tradition of individual or publicly subscribed gifts.

Park Road, Grafton
2.5km – 5 minute drive from downtown Auckland

Fraser Park

Fraser Park is located at the entrance to Parnell when coming from the Auckland CBD.

There is a large area for children to play with great views.

Fraser Park is also home to the beautiful Kauri tree that is a must see at night as it comes to life.

Address: Surrounding Parnell Road, Parnell Rise and Augustus Terrace

Gladstone Park

A small to medium open space adjacent to the Parnell Childcare Centre and Gladstone Tennis Club. Across the road from the Parnell Rose Gardens, this is a lovely area for informal passive and active activities. Also caters to a wide variety of age groups and needs.

Facilities: Barbecue, tables, playground, drinking fountain, toilets.

Sports: Basketball court, tennis courts.

Address: 108 Gladstone Road

Heard Park

Providing a mini oasis in the centre of Parnell village is the recently redeveloped Heard Park. An important part of Parnell’s history, the park was originally donated to the city in 1953 by the Heard family, the owners of Heards Candy.

Previously lacking in character and with little connection to the main road, Heard Park has recently been redesigned. The result is a high-quality urban space that provides a town centre and attractive outdoor focal point for the local community, as well as a relaxing refuge for visitors to Parnell.

Address: Cnr Parnell Road and Ruskin Street

Scarborough Reserve

This reserve goes between Scarborough Terrace and St Georges Bay Road.  It is a dog exercise park with a boardwalk and picnic table.