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About Parnell Business Association

The Parnell Business Association is Parnell’s local business association. Our objective is to ensure a great Parnell experience for shoppers and businesses alike.

The Parnell Business Association is a not for profit Incorporated Society currently representing over 1000 businesses in the Parnell precinct.

The Parnell Business Association provides a wide range of services for members including the promotion of Parnell as a business and shopping area, hosting events to attract people to the area, key placement and listings on this website, member networking events and a monthly email newsletter. A key role of the Parnell Business Association is the liaison and engagement with Auckland Council and other authorities to bring about improvements to the area and lobby for the interest of the businesses.

In addition, we like to engage with various community facilities and organisations in Parnell and this website is designed to be a collective resource of Parnell information, for visitors and local businesses.

If you have any queries about Parnell, please contact the Parnell Business Association and we will do what we can to assist.

You can phone (09) 379 0606, use our email contact form or email directly to info@parnell.net.nz

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